I work with two kinds of owners.

you don't have to do it yourself.

You’re a homeowner who has better things to do than scrolling Pinterest, piecemealing ideas from HGTV, and trying to make a random find work in a room where it doesn’t. 

You need help with decorating your home, but do not have the time or the desire to spearhead the project yourself. 

Good news: you’re in the right place, help is here. Next steps: book a consultation by clicking here. 





You’re a business owner who has a home improvement product, household item or wellness product that’s natural, beautiful, and free of harmful chemicals. 

You’ve already invested in billboards, TV commercials, and other forms of traditional marketing. 

You’re looking to grow awareness and feature your product through influencer marketing sponsorships and campaigns. 

Well, you’re in good company, let's go! Next steps: email with a) why your product is amazing and b) how you'd prefer it to be promoted.

Business Owners




Enjoy the transformation of your beautiful home, or maximize the exposure of the eyeballs on your product.

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50% of the investment is required as a deposit to secure your spot to start the work.

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You're either going to book a consultation for your home or send an email with a brief intro about your product.

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Are we  making your home better or getting you more customers? Decide which option works best for you in this season.

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