She created my logo, selected the perfect color tones & fonts for my brand; which will stand the test of time as my company grows. Sarah was patient with understanding my vision; and worked tirelessly to ensure I was happy with the final outcome.

Sarah Shuttle designed my beautiful branding

She strategically put together all my photography, videography, and written copy in a way that’s seamless for both desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile. She also executes very quickly.

Gillian’s also been gracious enough to offer you a special gift if you share that “Melodee Forbes” referred you when you sign up for her service.

Gillian Sarah created my stunning website design

And these ladies nailed it.

Seriously, I cannot recommend my website designer and branding designer high enough! Both of these ladies were a treat to work with and I’m over-the-moon about the finished product!

Why? Because I’m meticulous (that’s a fancy way of saying picky) and there’s a precise way I want every client, and reader to feel when they enter my company’s digital home.

You’re In Luck, I’m Spilling The Tea!

Wish Your Website Was As Pretty & Easy to Navigate As Mine?

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