What You Should Know About Me

I work together with my clients closely and choose energy carefully. 

Listen, you don’t have to be an asshole to be successful. Period. And while some experts only care if your check clears, I know it’ll clear—it’s how you talk to your mother, address your waiter, and tip your hairdresser that matters to me much more.

Because how young are you? Seriously. Subtract your age from 90, then take that number and multiply it by 365 and you’ll get a number. (Sorry if you hate math, I do too, but stick with me) My number as of this writing is 19,710. That’s 19,710 days. And that’s if I’m lucky and live to at least ninety. Life is short (the only overused cliche I agree with), do you really want to work on the home of your dreams with someone who has a stick up their butt? I don’t either. The kind need only apply.

Taking it personal;
makes it meaningful.

“Don’t take it personal” they say and that’s cool if you’re talking about the witch at work who never dealt with her childhood issues and is driving everyone mad. But this is your home we’re talking about and if you’re not taking it personal, it’s likely not meaningful.

Being direct is a form of respect.

Nothing irks my nerves more than passive aggressive behavior. I’m not a mind reader and don’t expect you to be either. This is why in all of my contracts, email, blog, etc. my goal is to make it so easy to understand that you can read it to a 12 year old and they’d get it. If I’m ever unclear, don’t be shy — ask me and I’ll be happy to clarify when necessary. You’ll always know where you stand with me, and I always want to know where I stand with you.

Cutting corners is bonkers.

“You never have to cheat to succeed.” is coined from my sister who graduated as a valedictorian and always climbs to the top rank of every company she’s ever worked for and while sales can be considered a doggy dog industry, she refuses to believe that you have to cheat to succeed. I agree with her. It may take longer. It may be harder (or easier, depending on how you look at it). But you don’t have to cut corners. Not with a contractor, supplier or any other vendor for that matter.

Yes, I have expensive taste. 
No, I don’t apologize for it.

Look, everyone tries to be super spiritual about how they don’t like nice things and how humble they are because stuff doesn’t really matter. I’m not here to debate that, I am here to say that if given 10 chandelier options, I choose the most pricey option every time without even seeing the price beforehand, because I like really nice things. And frankly, it’s only a problem if you’re broke and if you’re reading this you’re far from it. 

Life is better without clutter.

“We’re all just a hot mess” says everyone on Instagram with picture perfect feeds. Irony much? No, we aren’t all just a hot mess. Organization doesn’t mean perfection. It does mean you can get your shit together and do better withlessout clutter.

I see color and love it like butter.

“I don’t see color” makes sense if you’re blind and literally can’t see color. But if you’re a human with two working eyes and don’t see want to see color, I’m not for you. Because for me, color in a room is like flavor in a cake. Can you imagine your favorite cake (i.e. Pound, Italian Cream, German Chocolate...) without butter? It’s like night and day. Why even call it cake? (Let’s be real, butter makes everything better.) That’s how I am about color. It makes every room better. It creates order. No greige allowed. (Side Note: Not talking about a smorgasbord of every color in the rainbow in one spot. Heck no. There’s also a thing called balance and color theory.)

Get more done while having fun.

Don’t get it twisted decorating, designing, and decluttering a home while “pretty” requires you to get dirty, and it isn’t for the faint hearted or microwave minded. Having the right energy, personality, and attitude is often what can make or break a project. Because while my aim is for your complete and utter delight — delays happen, timelines change, and adjustments occur. But adopting a “this will be even better” mindset is what can turn a detour into an adventure instead of a nightmare. 

How I Got Here

Listen, I started in the home improvement industry in 2017 by selling custom tailored window treatments for a big box retailer on commission. At first, I failed consistently and immensely. But I did not quit. I worked on my confidence, product knowledge, and sales skills. I got better. 

In 2021, I sold $1,142,467 in 7 months during the pandemic. The next year, I sold $1,747,238 in 12 months. Throughout my career in this industry, I’ve developed a love for not only selling custom window coverings, but designing rooms. From that love, my interior design firm was born. 

You deserve to feel beautiful in your home and be at peace in your mind and I can help you have that through interior design. If you’re ready to give me the honor of transforming your basic, boring room into a stunning, distinguished masterpiece.