Queens Quarters Bedroom

The Queen’s Quarters Bedroom Reveal

January 26, 2023

Woohoo! It’s my absolute delight and pleasure to introduce you to what has been dubbed, The Queen’s Quarters

This bedroom makeover reveal has been a long time coming, and well worth the wait. Let’s get into it!

Before I began this project, I asked myself a few simple questions:

“How do I want to feel when I enter this room?” 

“How do I want to feel when my eyes open in the morning?” 

“How do I want to feel when I lay my head down at night?” 

I closed my eyes… 

and instantly saw a picture of my favorite spa. 

Then, suddenly this feeling of relief mixed with peace came over me. 

So, after clarifying the feeling, it was time to confirm the color theme. 

Spas are known for white, gray, beige and more neutral palettes. This is great for the vast majority or when you’re visiting temporarily. Not so great for a bedroom where you’ll spend hours in there and you want it with your personality and style in mind. 

Here was my original concept board:

If you’ve ever spent two seconds in my presence, you know that I love color, especially the color pink. 

From this before picture, you can see that hot-Barbie-pepto-bismol pink was the vibe. 

I have loved all shades of pink since I was a little girl. Steadfast in my desire for a spa-like ambience, I decided that it was time to upgrade to a shade of pink that was more fitting for my desire for peace.

I won’t go into it here, but there are colors that are more likely to amp you up than calm you down. Hot, and bright colors in bedrooms aren’t usually ideal. Because they counteract the purpose of a bedroom, which is for sleep, and rest.

And without further ado, the after, lovingly dubbed, The Queen’s Quarters.

Interior Designer: Melodee Forbes 
Photographer: Claudia Casbarian

I mean. Can we say stunning?! I gasp with breathtaking gratitude still. 

I’m very much in awe of the gift that God’s given me to create something beautiful in my mind and see it come to life exquisitely. 

For your viewing and eye candy pleasure, here’s a couple more before & after photographs.


Reading Nook


Reading Nook

Interior Designer: Melodee Forbes 
Photographer: Claudia Casbarian

Not that you care, and I feel compelled to share— I don’t walk on my white carpet (or any of the carpet in my home) with shoes on. The shoes hadn’t been worn yet when this photo was taken. No food, or drinks are allowed in the

 bedroom either. 


Wall Next to Closet

Do you ever wonder why I don’t DIY? It’s in part because of these floating shelves (above). My sister and I installed them, and as you can see they’re leaning over a bit. 

Guess how many hours it took us to install after several attempts? 6 hours. Not even joking. It only took one time to realize installation isn’t my ministry. 

Yes, as an interior designer I create the vision. That’s my gift and skill set. The contractor, on the other hand, does the installation. And depending on the kind of installation, there are different contractors for different skills (i.e. carpenters, painters, electricians, plumbers, etc.).


Wall Next to Closet

Interior Designer: Melodee Forbes 
Photographer: Claudia Casbarian

So, there you have it, The Queen’s Quarters Bedroom Makeover Reveal! 

What do you think? Do you love it or do you love it?! Let me know in the comments below! 

Ready for me to makeover your room? Let’s goooo! 2023 is the year you receive everything your heart desires including a beautiful home! I’m ready when you are, start here.

  1. Corey says:

    I will say, pink not being my color, I do feel that this new pink is more soothing than the before pink. Secondly, the print on the ceiling is a nice touch…I like it.

    Lastly, knowing your lane (interior design and not carpentry), is key! 🙂

    Nice work.

  2. Charles Forbes says:

    Your bedroom is beautiful, very feminine. You are very blessed able to create such an elegant bedroom. I agree wholeheartedly with one of your previous client, Ms Carolyn Williams “you are very talent”. Continue success, Daddy Charles

    • Melodee Forbes says:

      Thank you Daddy Charles! I appreciate your kind words, and you & Grandma’s constant support and encouragement!! Love you.

  3. Pop’s says:

    You did a GREAT job Melodee, the “after” pictures are heavenly,. I love ❤️ them.
    Excellent! Impeccable! Outstanding!
    The colors are heavenly. In all the years that I have seen that room, starting back, as far as 1982 (41 years), that the BEST that I have seen it. Yes Father God is going to make all things new, one day. Yet today, Melodee by the grace of God and hard work, has made her bedroom, (this is not good English) more new than when that room was first built in the sixties and restored after the fire in the eighties.
    Yes dearest Dee, you, by the grace of God, your God given imagination and hardworking, have made all things NEW, in reference to your gorgeous room. What a Beauty! ❤️😁👏🏾👍🏾🙌🏿🙏🏿

  4. Mark Forbes says:

    I’m not surprise one bit. You and your sister are so gifted. I love what you did to your room and can’t wait to see what you and Uresa will do with the rest of your house. If your room is serving as an example for what’s next to come. Watch out Homes & Garden Magazine my beautiful & talented niece Melodee Forbes has something to send to you that will make your subscribers say…I LOVE IT.❤️🙏🏾

  5. Beverly Williams says:

    You certainly are kind of a big deal, Queen. Great makeover! The wainscoting frames the room beautifully and gives it so much character. Great soft, muted pink speaks peaceful unlike the loud before color pink. Great idea to add wide rod and curtain; now the window doesn’t look like a small cut out box in the wall. Moving bed from under window also helped take attention away from it and be able to focus on that comfy, I want to be in it bed! And big wow to the new space
    next to the door! What a difference a makeover does! More furniture gives more useable space but doesn’t look crowded! Love your reading space! Room has great balance now. All it needs is me! I would love to feel like a Queen for a day!

    • Melodee Forbes says:

      Thank you so much cousin Bev! You and I are both very meticulous and I love how you notice all the intricate details! You are a Queen and you’re welcome here anytime! 😉 Hahaha love you.

  6. Kellye says:

    Very well done, Melodee!
    You should certainly have majestic dreams in this space.😉

  7. You definitely tapped into the spa vibes with this makeover, Melodee! I love the whole vibe of it and I’m not the craziest about pink but you did this so nice. I can’t wait to see how you remake the rest of your house. It’s gonna be a whole masterpiece of living, walkable art by the time you’re done with it! 💜

    • Melodee Forbes says:

      Yes, I’m a big believer that color makes everything better, Rayven! And it’s not exclusive to pink either. Thank you for your kind words, it means the world. It gives me great joy to share my design transformations with my community and clients! The kitchen makeover should be finished soon… woohoo! Stay tuned!!

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