As with most personalized and custom tailored services, it depends. 

Designing one or two rooms can take less time than designing an entire home. Keep in mind that even though we’ve made it through the pandemic, the home improvement industry is still impacted by supply chain shortages. 

I source Texas or USA made manufacturers first to avoid excessive delays, but that isn’t a guarantee. The reality is even with American made sources — they may still require certain elements that come from another country like India, or France and that can take time. 

Rest assured, you’ll receive a timeline range during the presentation phase and an update every week during the execution phase.

No, I’m an interior designer and do not staff any contractors, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, or handymen. 

If you need guidance with finding a qualified, professional contractor we can discuss during our consultation and I will give you my best tips.

Yes. It isn’t exclusive to bright, bold colors. It can be muted, soft colors. But yes, there must be color. 

If beige, gray, or greige is your vibe, I love that for you and glad it makes you happy. You’ll find a plethora of interior designers in the marketplace who specialize in this style that you can hire.

Yes! I made a quick checklist, “Hiring an Interior Designer Is a Terrible Idea … IF You Don’t Have These Three Things in Place First” you can receive it for free by clicking here.

No, not at this time. 

While it’d be easy for me to say yes, at this stage, my firm is solidifying its foundation. My goal is for every client to have an exceptional experience. I’m honoring the capacity we can handle at this time and not jumping the gun prematurely.

Yes, through our in-home consultation. 

Please note I will be happy to answer any of your questions, and I will not be designing during our consultation.

Yes, absolutely. 

Most people are sensitive (they just don’t know it unless it shows up in the form of a persistent symptom). I’m actually kind of nerdy in that regard and opt for brands that are as carcinogen, VOC, formaldehyde free as possible. 

Please note that in your inquiry form and we’ll discuss it at our consultation.

Ask me and I’ll be happy to answer. 

You can email hi@melodeeforbes.com with your question or fill out the contact form by clicking here.