Life is better with color.

interior design for well-to-do houstonians who snort when they laugh, are allergic to greige, & desire an elevated kaleidoscope place to call home.

Imagine opening the door to your favorite room, and you’re awestruck because. . .

Peace of mind, unspeakable joy, eye candy for your home, increased value in one of your most precious investments, and saved time are all benefits you’ll receive from your home design transformation with my firm.
1. It’s more stunning than any hotel you’ve ever stayed at.

2. The colors, textures, and lighting make you swoon.

3. You can take a deep breath and finally rest.


As a millennial Southern woman obsessed with traditional design, I believe your home should reflect the best parts of you and bring you the peace you need to keep conquering the world.

I transform bland, outdated, stuck-in-the-sixties interiors into stunning, jaw-on-the-floor masterpieces for busy professionals who want an elevated, kaleidoscopic place to call home.

And when you work with me, you won’t have to fuss over the details or even pull a paint swatch.

I use my design expertise to offer functional, beautiful and colorful designs

no heavy lifting required.

Interior Designer

Lover of decluttering,

designing, decorating,

and non-toxic living.

Ready to finally transform your space into something you can’t wait to come home to?

You deserve it.

that's right - no VOCs in the paint, carcinogenic materials or other horrible-for-you-and-the-environment ingredients allowed.

Plus, because peace at home extends well beyond what the eye can see, the products we use are chemical-free.

Hiring an Interior Designer Is a Terrible Idea …
 IF You Don’t Have These Three Things in Place First