4 Toxic Free Body Products You Need In Your Bathroom Cabinet

July 10, 2020

We have oranges, peaches, and grapes for you, Melodee, but they aren’t organic. Is that okay?” is what my Grandma asked me at our last family gathering (pre-Quarantine).

We both laughed and after thanking her and letting her know that was totally fine. My family is so thoughtful, because they know I’m a vegetarian that’s slightly obsessed with anything fresh and organic.

Of course, marketing can be tricky and just because a label says, “all natural” or “organic” doesn’t necessarily mean fresh or organic. But I definitely notice the difference when I eat an egg that’s not organic (I get nauseated almost immediately) vs. an egg that’s USDA organic, cage-free, grass fed, etc (no nausea). 

The other day, my sister offered me cherry tomatoes and I was hesitant, because we have a different view of fresh. She insisted that I try them. I did and they were SO fresh. After she told me that they came from Aldi’s (her preferred grocery store) and I was in disbelief, because I don’t shop there and prefer H-E-B or Whole Foods, because in addition to freshness the ambience, and customer experience really matters to me.

Why the obsession with toxic free, organic food and products? 

My Mother died of cancer at the age of 53 years old, and I spent way more time than I care to share at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. There’s nothing like seeing people who are literally hanging onto life by a thread that will imprint something inside of you to take charge of your health. 

I also remember my Mom telling me that she didn’t know about the impact of healthy eating growing up. She only ate meat, potatoes, and if she had veggies they were cooked to the point of no nutritional value. She drank a gallon of cow’s milk every other day by herself. Never any water. She wasn’t active or involved in any extracurricular activities, because she was the eldest (latch key kid) and had to be home when her younger brother’s arrived. She didn’t become aware of healthy living or eating until later in life. I was a vegetarian when she shared this with me, but her sharing this really impacted me more than I realized at the time.

NOTE: Yes, people eat shitty and live a long time. Yes, people eat healthy and die early. Yes, people eat healthy and live a long time. Yes, people eat shitty and die early. You know there are so many factors and no one knows exactly anything, even doctors who are “practicing” medicine.

Whether you die at the end of this year or live to be 94 years old. You want to take care of the body that God has given you. You want to feel good as you age. You want to feel all of your emotions. You don’t want to ignore your emotions with excess food or food that isn’t even real to begin with… of course this is not exclusive to only food. You want to be the CEO of your health and treat your body like she’s your best friend. You want to take exceptional care of her and you can start by adding these products to your personal care arsenal. 

  1. Body Butter 

No one likes an ashy body, and let’s be real conventional lotions saturated with alcohol don’t last very long and who wants to apply lotion every hour (not you). 

Almond Body Butter by EC Nourished is amazing and has ingredients I can pronounce. I love how my skin drinks it up, and how moisturized it feels throughout the day. 

Lemongrass & Coconut Whipped Butter by Butter Depot is incredible and I get compliments asking if “I’m wearing Chanel?” often. Plus, it’s cruelty free, paraben free, mineral oil free, & phthalate free. (Note: when I went to grab the direct link for you, it’s no longer listed. I hope Lydia brings this body butter flavor back, but she has so many options you’ll love!) 

  1. Sunscreen 

Yes, you need skin protection even if you’ve been blessed with more melanin and your skin isn’t fair, pale, or light.

Black Girl Sunscreen is so not gunky and goes on smooth. It also doesn’t leave a residue like traditional sunscreens do, and best of all, no parabens, oxybenzone, octinoxate or fragrance–incase your skin is super sensitive.

  1. Body wash 

And you probably keep it in your shower and not your cabinet, I digress. 

Organic Body Wash by Garner’s Garden is a new discovery and I’m impressed. I didn’t think I’d like it more than my former body wash, but I was pleasantly surprised. You know how your face feels after you receive a facial from an esthetician? Imagine that but over your entire body. I ordered the lemongrass flavor and I’m loving it.

  1. Body powder 

Because babies aren’t the only humans who need a swift of fresh.

Magic Body Powder by Garner’s Garden is a simple and impactful powder that keeps you nice and fresh. I love that it’s talcum-free (why that’s important is because there have been claims that it can cause ovarian cancer, remember the Johnson & Johnson lawsuit about it allegedly being put in the baby powder?) and that this brand is very intentional about keeping all of their products as organic and natural as possible.

Do you love non-toxic bath and body products like I do? I’d love to know any of your favorites and I hope you give these a try and share what you think!

Hi! I’m Melodee Forbes, and I help leaders declutter their calendar, so they can create more time for self care. I’d be happy to support you in decluttering your physical items and digital systems. You can start to create more self care by clicking here.

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