What I Learned Paying Off My Car Today

July 21, 2020

I felt shame when I first purchased my car, because I chose to get into debt. 

This wasn’t how I was raised. And I was embarrassed. 

I was even tempted to buy a cheap cash car, because I was of the anti-debt, debt is evil mindset. 

But it didn’t make sense for me to purchase a cheap vehicle in cash that I’d have to pour money into each month due to repairs, etc.

So with my sister’s stellar negotiation skills — I purchased this car for a steal of a deal, signed on the dotted line and agreed to borrow money at a set interest rate, and monthly payment amount. 

I paid off my car today and I couldn’t be more proud.

And it’s not because it’s mine and I own it, though that’s not bad either. 

It’s because I can now redirect that money from debt to another INVESTMENT. 

This thrills and delights me more than I expected. I’ve also learned that I’m incredibly grateful for:

  • having access to debt when I wanted it 
  • making each payment easily
  • choosing a car that’s high quality and low maintenance
  • realizing that my next car will be paid in cash
  • recognizing that cars aren’t really my thing
  • planning to move to a city where it’s not necessary to drive a car 
  • opening up to the desire of a hiring a driver
  • transforming my relationship with money 
  • seeing debt as neither good or evil
  • being 19 points away from an 800 credit score

Having a car is a luxury, and owning a car is one as well. My heart is full today.

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