Hello 34

July 28, 2020

The beauty about taking yourself out on a date every Sunday, it almost feels like my birthday every week. 


Anyone who knows me knows I love a good meal. And I like trying new places. So every year on my birthday wherever I’m at in the world—I try something new.

It’s a tradition. 

Plus my family will get to experience something new too, because I usually choose a restaurant with plenty of plant-based options since I’m a vegetarian. (Gimme all the veggies.)

Well, ever since incorporating my Sunday “money date” — I started trying new places.

Suffice it to say, I don’t feel like my birthday is a big deal (not because it’s not—everyone’s birthday is a big deal, hello human you made it another year. Yahoo!) it’s more of a when you take the time to celebrate and treat yourself like it’s your birthday every week (or day) of the year — you’re not in desperation for a one day celebration. 

Does that make sense?

Kind of like the people who show their spouses love everyday and not just on Valentine’s Day.

Or the folks who attend church regularly instead of once a year on Easter.

Or those parents who give gifts to their kids throughout the year and not just on Christmas.

The more you invest in that relationship—be it yourself, your partner, your community, or whomever. It compounds.  

This last year has taught me many things, my favorite of them being: when I honor and adore myself—the less I expect from anyone else, the  brighter, bolder, & richer my life gets to be. 

Cheers to 34. 

I love you already.

The best is here and yet to come. 






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