How I Became A Vegetarian On Accident

August 18, 2020

It was my third year in college, and my roommate and I were watching Oprah. She had a guest on her show who encouraged the audience to do a 21 day vegan challenge. 

Important note: Now I had never done a diet before because they never sounded fun, and thankfully, my parents were “body positive” before it became a term. No negative commentary on my body ever and no labeling of foods — good or bad, healthy or unhealthy. Plus, I was skinny and very active growing up, which gave me more grace than others.

After hearing Oprah and her guest share the challenge, my roommate and I looked at each other and said at the same time, “let’s do it!!!” I thought to myself this sounds like fun! Looking back I think she may have done it for a different reason, because she had done diets before, described herself as morbidly obess and weighed over 300 pounds. 


We bought the book, prepared ourselves, and did her 21 day vegan challenge. After the challenge was over, I was impressed by the results. I had never physically FELT as amazing as I had at the end of this challenge. My energy was the highest it had ever been. My clarity was so sharp and alert. My body felt so lux. I had been reborn. 

And you know what? I had absolutely no desire for meat. Not even a little bit. I stayed vegan for about 8 more months, and then brought back in some dairy. 

I’m 34 years young at the time of this writing and I’M STILL A VEGETARIAN 13 years later. 

Not because I feel sorry for the animals. 

Not because I’m a health fanatic.

But because I genuinely don’t desire meat still after all these years. 

I don’t have any allegiance to vegetarianism, if I desired meat, I’d eat it again in a heartbeat. 

But I don’t.

All of my family and friends are carnivores, and I love them dearly.

I don’t get people who can’t spend time with people who eat, love, pray, vote, or serve differently than they do.

I also don’t subscribe to the idea that vegetarians are healthier. 

You can eat vegan cupcakes, vegan ice cream, vegan mac and cheese (is that even a thing? I don’t know) and processed food is still processed regardless of the label. 

Thank you so much for reading! I’d love to know more about you! What kind of foods do you enjoy eating? Leave a comment below with two of your favorite dishes.

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