Why I’m Shopping Differently & Using My Dollars Wisely

July 24, 2020

I want to be the woman who walks her talk.

I want my anger to make my world better.

I firmly believe that when Black people win financially, it’s a win collectively.

Yes, I vote.

Yes, I pray.

Yes, I call.

Yes, I sign.

And I also buy…

Laundry detergent for washing.

Trash bags for emptying.

Toilet paper for wiping.

Cleaning products for housekeeping.

Car wash detailing for cleaning.

Bottled water for drinking.

Body butter for moisturizing.

Toothpaste for cleaning.

Makeup for enhancing.

Food for fueling.

Books for learning.

Tech software for saving.

Clothing for covering.

Bank accounts for saving/investing.

Movie tickets for laughing.

Paint for decorating.

Gas stations for filling.

Cars for driving.

Homes for sleeping.

And other stuff.

No, I may not have the buying power of Ben & Jerry (yet), but that which I do have it’s my responsibility to invest in companies that have values I align with and for me that’s first and foremost—

1) non-toxic, organic, fresh (where applicable) quality

2) Black owned + bonus points woman owned (when possible)

…along with other values that I’m still solidifying.

It’s my SMALL contribution to the vision I have for a world where Black people are treated equal across all fronts and advance accordingly.

As I’ve been researching, trying, and switching products/services (gradually) to companies that are in alignment, there’s something about putting your MONEY where your mouth is that makes me so proud.

And frankly, I‘m already spending and investing the money anyway these aren’t new purchases (many of them are like DUH! Why haven’t I thought to see if a company with these values exists before?!).

I love money because it allows me access to all the things that provide consistent care for my well being.

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