10 Smart Hacks to Find & Hire A Great Contractor

May 5, 2023

So a professional contractor is essential in your interior design project. I started the #Contractor101Series on Instagram to help you hire smart contractors.

I’ve included the topic and the link to each video below— 

  • Which Comes First, The Designer or Contractor? | Both service providers are integral to a successful interior design project. In this 90 second video, you’ll discover which comes first click here to watch now.

  • #1 Red Flag to Avoid Hiring A Bad Contractor | You’ve heard of red flags in dating, well they can happen when working with professionals. In this 90 second video, you’ll discover the #1 red flag to avoid click here to watch now.

  • 3 Tips to Make Sure Your Contractor Knows What The Heck He’s Doing | Let’s face it, you probably haven’t ever installed what your contractor is installing. In this 90 second video, use these tips to know what’s up click here to watch now.

  • What You Need to Look For When Reading A Contractor’s Bid | Signing your name on the dotted line in a contract is a big deal. The quality of that contractual agreement is uber important. In this 90 second video, you’ll learn what’s most essential click here to watch now.

  • How to Find A Professional Contractor Even If It’s Your First Time Hiring | But where do you find this contractor now that you know what to look for? In this 60 second video, you’ll learn the easiest place to find these contractors click here to watch now.

  • Why You Should Run When A Contractor Says, ‘Oh I Can Do Everything’ | Can a contractor be a legit jack of all trades? Find out in this 60 second video, click here to watch now.

  • What’s The Difference Between A Handyman & A GC? | The differences are simple but few, and you can click here to watch now.

  • Why DIY Is Overrated And When You Should Hire Help | There’s a time to do it yourself, and there’s a time to hire it out to someone else. You can click here to watch now to find out why.

  • What The Designer Is Responsible For & What The Contractor Is Responsible For? | Communication works best in a project when both parties are in alignment. Find out who is responsible for what, click here to watch now.

Let me know which smart hack you liked best in the comments below! I’m happy to answer any questions or clarify any concerns.

Stay tuned for our next series – if we aren’t connected on Instagram, follow me at http://instagram.com/melodeeforbes!

To feeling beautiful in your home and being at peace in your mind,

Melodee Forbes

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