6 Reasons Why I Love Paris

September 29, 2023

I had the most lovely holiday in Paris, France. It was a short getaway that was very much needed. Here are a few of my takeaways from the trip.

1. The vibe is unmatched. There’s a certain level of excellence everywhere you go, it’s an energy. 

What do I mean?  You choose a restaurant, whether it’s a small mom & pop, franchise… Parisian business owners take great pride in creating an environment that takes your breath away or at the very least stimulates your curiosity. No boring beige or gray walls with cheap mini blinds. The meticulous thoughtfulness of the interiors made my designer heart bubble with joy.

2. The food is organic without being organic. What do I mean? You don’t need to shop at Whole Foods and triple check labels to make sure you’re buying real food that isn’t filled with gmos or unnecessary preservatives. Everything is fresh and delicious. 

Whether you get fruit on the side of the street,  in a shop, or restaurant… no need to make sure it’s organic, because there’s nothing harmful or chemical laden in it. The pear slices from my tart in Christian Dior store was THE BEST pear I’ve ever had. I truly feel like I ate a pear for the first time. It reminds me of the time I was in London and had lettuce, it truly tasted like I ate it for the first time… it was so fresh.

3. The automatic activity. 

What do I mean? I didn’t have to count steps or push to meet my step minimum, I exceeded them daily because naturally I was moving easily and consistently — partly because so many things were close.

4. The history of the city is ubiquitous. 

What do I mean? The buildings, landmarks are steeped in history and they are literally everywhere.

5. The shopping was spacious. 

What do I mean? Every boutique and store I visited had room. Things weren’t piled, or stacked. They were delicately styled. 

6. The people were polite.

What does that mean? Exactly that — from the service staff, strangers sitting next to you at a cafe, the Uber driver, police officer…everyone that I encountered was at minimum pleasant and many times very kind.

Bonuses: the custom window coverings in the windows, a cute Turkish rug shop, a stunning stained glass window, and wall with beautifully decorated tile.

Have you been to Paris? If so, what did you love about it? Until next time…

With love & joy,


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