5 Takeaways From The Best Book I’ve Read During Quarantine

September 27, 2020

Have you felt discouraged during quarantine or with the continuous racial injustice in this country? Me too.

Black Fortunes” by Shomari Wills is an incredible book that shares the true story of the first six Black Americans who survived slavery and became millionaires. I purchased the audiobook and loved it so much, I bought the paperback version.

Here are my 5 takeaways:

  1. Black people are amazing. I don’t care what society says, or how we’re stereotyped. Black people are the shit. We are dope. All of us. It’s in our core, our very essence. It made me (even more) proud to be Black. 
  2. White people can’t be trusted. Not even the nice ones. This doesn’t mean to walk around with fear and trepidation, but seriously, white people cannot be trusted. Don’t get me wrong, I love white people, and have been inspired by a few. But even still, there’s a difference between love and trust.
  3. Trademark everything. This is really self explanatory. But if you have a profitable product or service, trademark it. Period.
  4. Health is equally as important as wealth. While being a workaholic may be profitable and praised in our country, it’s detrimental to your health.
  5. There’s an opportunity in every adversity. It doesn’t matter how bad the economy or how much inequality exists, there’s opportunity. I kept thinking how much further they would’ve gone if they had the Internet. And then I had to ask myself, what am I doing with the gifts, resources, talent, and means God has given me? There’s literally no excuse.

There are many more takeaways, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. I highly recommend that you listen to the audio and read the paperback, if you love a real life story of a human born in a setback that creates their own comeback.

What are you reading currently? You’d make my day if you’d left a comment below sharing your favorite book at the moment!

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