How to Organize the Bajillion Photos You Took On Your Weekend Getaway

September 29, 2020

This year was a big year for my sister. We were planning to fly to Honolulu to honor her. And then, it was changed due to Covid-19 safety regulations. We made some adjustments and ended up driving to South Padre. 

(Important Note: We were shelter-in-place from mid-March to June. My sister works from home. I work outside the home, but have been extremely diligent about limiting in-person consultations, wearing my n-95 mask + gloves, sanitizing/disinfecting after each appointment, and maintaining 6 feet distance. Most of the clients I’ve seen have their small people pod/bubble, tested negative for Covid-19, and haven’t been anywhere other than for necessities like groceries.) 

It was so wonderful to be off the grid, I only logged into social media to post to my feed. You don’t realize how liberating it is to enjoy the environment around you, instead of having your head down looking at a photo of someone else’s portrayal of their environment on your phone. Please don’t get me wrong, there’s so much value in social media and so much good can be had from it. However, it’s equally as vital to invest time away from it to enjoy your actual real life.

South Padre was incredible, and you can see a snippet on my social media.

So now you’re back home after your girlfriend’s getaway trip, and you have a plethora of photos!  What’s a gal to do?! Well, here are the steps I use to organize the bajillion photos I take on my weekend getaway:

  1. Delete duplicates, receipt/direction screenshots, blurry/odd angle selfies, etcetera. We all take them and it makes life easier if you purge those unnecessary photos before you organize them. You don’t want to keep every photo you take and your first course of action is to go through and delete, delete, delete!
  2. Transfer remaining photos to the appropriate folder. You need a system, and if you don’t have one, I can support you in creating one. At the minimum, you need a photo storage app (you can learn about the types by clicking here) where you can categorize these types of photos. (Note: there are many ways to categorize and I can do a separate blog post on that if you’re interested– let me know in the comments!)                             
  3. Rinse and repeat for other types of photosYou can watch this video for step-by-step details below:

What’s your favorite place to get away? You’d make my day if you shared your vacay hot spot in a comment below!

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