Unpopular Opinion: You Only Need One Calendar

July 7, 2020

Unpopular Opinion: You Only Need One Calendar (And It Doesn’t Have to Have Glitter or Stickers to Be Fun)

You can be a mother, a doctor, a leader in any profession or industry. This system isn’t limited to a profession or person.

You can pick whichever calendar you desire, I recommend Week Agenda and if you’ve read my post (How I Plan My Day Using Week Agenda) you’ll get insight how to use this in great detail with that app.

There’s a misconception that you’re doing it better if you have a prettier calendar, and the more glitter and stickers — the merrier. 

Fancier isn’t better. 

Just like a bigger house doesn’t mean a happier home. 

It’s less about the bells and whistles of your calendar and more about the structure in which you set up and execute it. 

How do I know? 

I used to be that girl with a never ending to-do list, the fancy pants planner for that year, and I was showing up exhausted to my life and work. 

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my life and at the same time felt like I had no time to actually enjoy it. 

It wasn’t because I was doing anything wrong in particular, it was because I didn’t know a few simple skills that changed my life forever.

Hi! I’m Melodee Forbes, and I help leaders declutter their calendar, so they can create more time for self care. I’d be happy to support you in decluttering your physical items and digital systems. You can start to create more self care by clicking here.

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