How to Organize Your Internet Passwords

July 17, 2020

“Ugh. What was it?” you think to yourself as you try to remember the password for that app. Then, you sigh as you reset the password to your email, verify that it’s really you… all because you forgot your password.

So frustrating and time wasting, and yes, there’s a better way.

The first step in organizing your internet passwords is to do a braindump and make a list of everything you can think of that has a password

Here’s 10 categories to start with:

Cash — any apps related to money like budgeting, cash transferring, checking accounts, investing accounts, payroll processing, payroll receiving, sales tracking, savings accounts, receipt filing, etc. 

Calendar — any apps related to scheduling or productivity like checklists, spreadsheets, sticky notes, timers, etc. 

Care — any apps related to self care like affirmations, meditations, cycle tracking, etc.

Chat — any apps related to communication like email, video chat, work channels, cell phone provider, etc. 

Content — any apps related to creation like notes, dictionary,  recording, drawing, etc. 

Castle — any apps related to home like design software (license/key numbers), mood board, hardware stores, electricity company, water company, gas company, etc.

Chow — any apps related to food like fast food restaurants, coffee shops, smoothie stands, juice bars, taco trucks, grocery stores, recipes, specialty hot spots, fine dining, etc.

Car — any apps related to transportation and lodging like hotels, airlines, package delivery services, gas rewards, maps, flight trackers, hotel finders, car insurance, mileage trackers, gps/navigation, pickup services, etc. 

Cyber — any apps related to entertainment like tv channels, social media channels, music memberships, movie subscriptions, photo sources, video sharing platforms, etc.

Clothing — any apps related to retail shopping like vintage stores, online boutiques, etc.

The second step is to find a password organizing system. I love and use Lastpass, it’s so easy and I use it everyday. You can open an account for free by clicking here.

The third step is to block off 2 hours on your calendar to set up your system. 

And when that time comes around, set a timer for 2 hours and get it done. The 2 hours you invest in organizing your passwords will save you hours upon hours in the future.

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Hi! I’m Melodee Forbes, and I help leaders declutter their calendar, so they can create more time for self care. I’d be happy to support you in decluttering your physical items and digital systems. You can start to create more self care by clicking here.

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