The First Step In Creating A Paperless Office

July 16, 2020

Paper is a tool. It can be educational like books, powerful like fire, or transactional like receipts. Paper often morphs into clutter, if we’re not intentional. 

Do you remember the days before we had debit and credit cards? You know when there was only cash and checks. Seriously. Can you imagine paying $10,000 for something in cash not because you chose to, but because you have to as there’s no way to pay digitally? Sounds crazy, but that’s what it was like before the Internet. 

So why then are we still carrying around paper copies of receipts, and car warranties? Well, we don’t have to and I’m going to show you the first step in creating a paperless office. . . let’s start with receipts.

  1. Click here and download this app to your mobile phone + get 10% off.
  2. Open your purse, & junk drawer and gather all your receipts.
  3. After you stack ‘em up, open the app on your smartphone. 
  4. Watch this quick tutorial and get paperless.

Video Here >>>Tackle Those Receipts In 3 Easy Steps <<< Video Here

   5. Repeat step 4 anytime you have a receipt.

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