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Dream Studio Home Office Reveal

Your environment impacts your mindset and your energy impacts your creativity. You deserve to enter a room that when looking at the walls, it not only makes you smile, but stand tall. Because when you enter, it reminds you of the badass, mother fucking Queen that you are.  This is how my new studio home […]

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5 Tips to Find the Most Fabulous Executive Desk

Soooo if you’ve been following me, you know that an upcoming home office reveal is happening this Spring and it’s being curated beautifully. The goal was beautiful AND functional. FYI: Nothing wrong with buying at full price. I’ve done so plenty of times. However, in this case, I didn’t see the value in paying $3-5K […]

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What You Should Include In Your Mood Board

Whether you hire a designer, or tackle it yourself, you need to view your home project as a project. Flying by the seat of your pants didn’t work in college, at your first job, driving your first car, dating your husband, parenting your kids, or anything else worthwhile.  Winging it won’t work when creating a […]

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Draft Plans & Inspiration For Our Upcoming Kitchen Makeover

Whewwww-ie! It has been a doozie! The day after Valentine’s Day, we had a historic snowstorm here in Texas. It was delightful and wonderful, until it wasn’t…. and we lost power, and water. Thankfully, our grandparents insisted that we come to their home — as they had all the essentials like power, water, and wi-fi. […]

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3 Easy Ways to Nourish Yourself Everyday

So February is the shortest month of the year and ironically it’s the month dedicated to love and Black history. Personally, I celebrate and honor myself and our history all throughout the year (like in this blog—14 Little-Known Ways to Support Black Lives Matter Without Protesting, Marching, or Shouting on Social Media).  Yet this is […]

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25 Hacks to Get More Sleep

You perform best after adequate rest.  As a kid, we detested and fought against naps, and 8:00pm bedtimes. As a college student, we took advantage of all nighters and overdosing on mountain dews to keep us awake as we crammed for an exam through the night. And as adults, there’s a different struggle… social media […]

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15 Little-Known Ways To Actually Support Black Lives Matter Without Protesting, Marching, or Shouting on Social Media

**Disclosure this post may contain referral links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to purchase through my links at no cost to you.** You’re a leader who cares and there’s a lot happening in this country. But what do you do? You’re a voter. You’re a taxpayer. You’re a hard worker,  a believer […]

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Dream Office Makeover Part 1: Starting From The Bottom

Have you been spending more time in your home because of the pandemic? Of course you have, even if you don’t work from home, you’re likely spending more time at home. And you know what? You deserve a beautiful home office. It’s your time. No more putting it off until another goal is accomplished, which […]

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5 Experts I’m Hiring For Purely Selfish Reasons

Did you know that just because you’re a _________ doesn’t give you health superiority? Or better yet what worked for you when you were _____ may not be in alignment for you at present. Even though I’ve been a vegetarian for over a decade (and it happened by accident) I’m proud to say that I’ve […]

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How to Organize the Bajillion Photos You Took On Your Weekend Getaway

This year was a big year for my sister. We were planning to fly to Honolulu to honor her. And then, it was changed due to Covid-19 safety regulations. We made some adjustments and ended up driving to South Padre.  (Important Note: We were shelter-in-place from mid-March to June. My sister works from home. I […]

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