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11 Personal Finance Audiobooks Worth Buying

What does money have to do with home living, organizing, self care and leadership? Everything. Here’s the deal, if you’re struggling with money — it’s limiting your lifestyle (however you define and whatever you desire). I didn’t grow up with an abundant money mindset, and I’ve become very fascinated by money over the past couple of years […]

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How to Communicate Better As Leader

“Deb, do you like this?” she asked. You see it was Christmas time and she had given everyone gifts. You know those kinds of gifts that seem thoughtless (usually cheaply made from a clearance rack or dollar store) and everyone does an inner gag while smiling and saying, “oh thank you so much” even though […]

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How to Create Order Using Color

Color is a simplifier, a natural organizer. In this blog, I’m happy to share with you how to use it to create order and as a result of having order, you’ll be available for more adventure in your life. Note: 1) You don’t have to use the entire color palette 2) keep it consistent throughout […]

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4 Toxic Free Body Products You Need In Your Bathroom Cabinet

“We have oranges, peaches, and grapes for you, Melodee, but they aren’t organic. Is that okay?” is what my Grandma asked me at our last family gathering (pre-Quarantine). We both laughed and after thanking her and letting her know that was totally fine. My family is so thoughtful, because they know I’m a vegetarian that’s […]

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What Solo Sunday Dates Taught Me About Self Care

“Melodee, look here. Do you like them?” she asks as she shows me the new pair of shoes that she bought from Foley’s. I smiled and nodded, because she loved beautiful, high-heeled shoes. That pair in particular was stunning and in her favorite color, red. I glanced at the price tag and gave her a […]

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Making Drama Free Friends As A Grown Up

“I just want a bosom friend, a kindred spirit like Anne had with Diana..” I exclaimed. “You will baby, one day, you will” my Mom replied confidently. I grew up in a podunk town in the hill country. You can drive through this town in 15 minutes stat, and the population was primarily white. My […]

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Unpopular Opinion: You Only Need One Calendar

Unpopular Opinion: You Only Need One Calendar (And It Doesn’t Have to Have Glitter or Stickers to Be Fun) You can be a mother, a doctor, a leader in any profession or industry. This system isn’t limited to a profession or person. You can pick whichever calendar you desire, I recommend Week Agenda and if […]

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How I Plan My Day Using Week Agenda

How I Plan My Week Using Week Agenda Planning doesn’t have to be boring and controlling. It can actually be freeing, because if you’re constantly flying by the seat of your pants to do something—there’s less time for experiencing and creating what you really want to do—due to you constantly winging it.  First, I don’t […]

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