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Hello 34

The beauty about taking yourself out on a date every Sunday, it almost feels like my birthday every week.  Seriously.  Anyone who knows me knows I love a good meal. And I like trying new places. So every year on my birthday wherever I’m at in the world—I try something new. It’s a tradition.  Plus […]

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Every Year Is A Badge of Honor

So grateful to be here another year. ⠀ Unlike most–I’m proud to get old(er), having a mother that died younger than normal, I wear age with pride. ⠀ I feel like with every age, I’m given a badge of honor. A beautiful gift that I get to unwrap. ⠀ I couldn’t give two fucks about […]

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Why I’m Shopping Differently & Using My Dollars Wisely

I want to be the woman who walks her talk. I want my anger to make my world better. I firmly believe that when Black people win financially, it’s a win collectively. Yes, I vote. Yes, I pray. Yes, I call. Yes, I sign. And I also buy… Laundry detergent for washing. Trash bags for […]

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The Best Habit I Brought Back During Quarantine

I spent the first two weeks of quarantine at home in bed, under the covers watching Netflix with my pint of Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. I was scared and my coping mechanism was to sleep, to eat, and to watch. After two weeks I decided enough was enough, eating a […]

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How to Be A Better Leader Than Your Competitor

“So where’s your mask?” I ask. “I’m not wearing a mask. I work on this line 8 hours a day and I’m not wearing a mask.” was his reply. “Well, due to corona and this being a business where food is made—” he interrupts and says, “I don’t make the food.” I mention a reference […]

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What I Learned Paying Off My Car Today

I felt shame when I first purchased my car, because I chose to get into debt.  This wasn’t how I was raised. And I was embarrassed.  I was even tempted to buy a cheap cash car, because I was of the anti-debt, debt is evil mindset.  But it didn’t make sense for me to purchase […]

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Warning! Are You Letting This Thought Torment You?

“She thinks I’m horrible and says it’s all my fault” this adult mom told me. “Really?” I reply. “Yes, and I gave her everything. I sacrificed myself to the point of exhaustion. Tennis lessons. Horseback riding. Private tutors. Exotic trips. Whatever she wanted. She had a good life and lacked for nothing. I was a […]

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How to Organize Your Internet Passwords

“Ugh. What was it?” you think to yourself as you try to remember the password for that app. Then, you sigh as you reset the password to your email, verify that it’s really you… all because you forgot your password. So frustrating and time wasting, and yes, there’s a better way. The first step in […]

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The First Step In Creating A Paperless Office

Paper is a tool. It can be educational like books, powerful like fire, or transactional like receipts. Paper often morphs into clutter, if we’re not intentional.  Do you remember the days before we had debit and credit cards? You know when there was only cash and checks. Seriously. Can you imagine paying $10,000 for something […]

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11 Personal Finance Audiobooks Worth Buying

What does money have to do with home living, organizing, self care and leadership? Everything. Here’s the deal, if you’re struggling with money — it’s limiting your lifestyle (however you define and whatever you desire). I didn’t grow up with an abundant money mindset, and I’ve become very fascinated by money over the past couple of years […]

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